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PEP course

“The great solders have a good leader “, this is an adage, we are always using in my home for describing the victory situation, but it is not in my studying. In PEP course, and final IRP, I have a considerable battle with English language, for two reasons. Firstly, I am not native English speaker; so, I faced  difficult circumstances with western learning and teaching system at the beginning, but I am passing these problems in PEP course. Secondly, PEP course is a program for preparing to the University. That mean, it is the first step to the academic life. Therefore, the first fifteen weeks were not easy to adapt with new material of teaching because it is a high level than what I learned before, such as a case study, group project, poster, and exposition essay. All these materials were perfect to develop my skills in the University, but how i can repair my problem in English language to improve my skills.

I find this answer in PEP course from my previous teacher because he told us, I you want to improve in PEP course you most ask questions to find your answer. In this reason, I started to ask my friends, and teachers from other PEP course; furthermore, I started to be independent study, because no one taught me one-way to study because every day during PEP course I heard different ways for studying. However, not all methods of learning are suitable for my. Therefore, I was suffering with myself about what I faced before. It was not easy because I obtained much information from different people, but it is not relative with what my teacher needs. I had been felt a disappointment at the first time; then, I felt confidant and satisfied after that because I learnt many skills in PEP course, in a hard way not as same as other students in different PEP course. Therefore, these skills that I have in an independent study becoming very useful for me to finish my IRP.

Independent research paper is the most important part to examine myself about what I learned independently during the stress course. Nevertheless, with my IRP, I improved many skills, such as searching by Internet, note taking, time management, plan, and brainstorm. I found integration all these elements together helped me to feel confident with my research. I find some problems with my writing structure, such as cohesion, and coherent. They were the most important things that I learnt from a new teacher because every day, we have a new teacher. We are lucky students.


Writing Structure

One of the most important parts of studying at the university is academic writing. At the first, I thought, If I learn the English grammar, I will improve my writing. It is true, but it is not just for this point. Academic writing includes different strategies and skills, not just grammar. For example, in last few weeks, I started to understand how can I write the topic sentence for an assignment and organise the thesis and scope in an introduction. Moreover, organising the paragraph is necessary to make the readers understand what you want to say.

However, the word “reader” is an important aim for any writer who wants to make his/her writing simple to understood their opinions for any reader. For instance, I start to make my sentence short and clear by using punctuation. It is not perfect, but I try to be best.

Academic culture has many important advices; therefore, I started to learn new things every seminar about academic writing. It became clear for me. In future, I’m going to reflect all these skills in my IRP essay and make my writing more effective.

Plan for Future

After the earlier term in PEP course, I became more familiar with my problems; wherefore,  I started to know little about my problems in Academic language. I know  a lot of problems in English language because, it  is a second  language for me; therefore, I want to solve what I face gradually to be more effective in future.

First of all, I had problems with time management to finish my homework besides my independent study. For example, I have problems with writing such as grammar, vocabulary, and word form, and I have to finish my homework in PEP course such as poster, group project,and case study, in this reason, I can not organise my time management at the beginning. However, after ten weeks in PEP course, I become more comfortable with time management especially in the second term in PEP,  because I  exploited any leisure time to study independently during the first new term. I obtained  this confidant because, I became more familiar with teaching style methods in PEP course.

Secondly, my problems with grammar and academic structure were difficult because, the grammar and the academic structure is the most important thing in Academic writing. I have studied in GAEP corse before and I was using surface approach of learning; so, I  did not use appropriate structure in academic writing and I did not know my weakness point clearly. In PEP course, I started to know my feedback and I know clearly my weakness point in Academic structure and grammar. To solve this problem, I am starting to use appropriate sources or books to improve my  writing  such as Essential in Writing, Guide for Writing, and How To Use Reading In Your Essay. All these books relative with my problem in Academic writing; for this reason, I started to understand the Academic structure; moreover, I learn many information in Academic structure in PEP class. I know, it is not easy to improve directly but it is the first step for improving in academic writing.

On the other hand, my grammar problems. I am starting to use different sources to solve this problem such as Grammar in Use or any sources relative with grammar skills. I am using a new way to improve my grammar skills by listening or reading any material such as TV, Radio newspaper to distinguish the structure and grammar carefully.

Finally,  IRP challenge, I do not want to say, this is a problem because, it is including all the skills that we gain during the PEP course. Furthermore, PEP course is a preparation for University life. I am going to apply every thing I learned from earlier essays such as reading deeply, doing a better research, and using appropriate words for academic structure for success. I will focus about all these actions to finish my interesting IRP.

This is my plan during the next five weeks.

A new start

Hi my class mates,

Every day in PEP course I learn something new; it is help me to get closer in my goal at the University life, because, it is the first step to Academic learning. I learned in the last ten weeks, many things made me more self confident about my study, because at the first ten weeks I was scare from the result in PEP course and I do not what can I do with my study, everything was confused and I do not know where can I start.

 I discovered, that PEP course is the first step to the University and I most prepare myself for next step, so, the wisdom is, I most to exploit all the opportunities in this stage to develop my skills and does not matter if I get fail in my feedback the first time but the case is how can I fix my problems in the next time. I think, it is the most important thing you should deal with it.  

 After the first ten weeks, I feel, I was different compared with the first week in the second term because I became more familiar with PEP course and I know what I should do with homework such as assay, independent study and time management that is not mean I became prefect but I start to know what I most do to success in studying English especially in my major.

 My major is Plant Biotechnology and I think it is difficult to start with some think like this specialist without any preparation, in this reason, the (IRP) assignment in the PEP course  is a big opportunity to practice before starting with real studying.

 I do not have particular advises, but as I said before most to be wise to find your weakness point in this stage before going to the University, also, the book about Academic Culture has a lot of information to be successful in your Academic life. So, take deep breath and get up again to continuo with a new start 


Reflection on my study

This week, with all the homework I felt self-confidence, because I started to find my weakness  point clearly, not  same as before. For example , when I started with PEP course at the beginning, I was unsure in my self, the reason, that  I have many problems in english language, also have no ideas about the academic skills or strategies, because,  I did not have any feedback in my skills before. However, over the ninth weeks, I changed many things in my strategies  and started to focus on my weakness points. For instance,  after  I took my feedback, I focus on the (F)mark in my result. thus, I started to punish my self by finding the best way to solve my problem fastly, because I have no time with PEP course to wait until failing.

I find the best way to make a success in my studying, that I most do two things. Firstly, I should feel confidence with my problems. Secondly, I most use effective strategies  to improve my skills. However, if I did not choose a right way to be success, I will lose everything until my mind and I cannot do anything right. For example, last an exam on Friday, I discovered, that  I have problem with note taking strategies, this problem affected on my writing in summary. So, I started to look for the best strategy to improve in this skill by finding different resources about note taking in the Barr smith Library sach as; books, websites and  friends  to fix my problem.  For example, I used the website to find different resources like ( or It is very useful for me to understand the strategies. Also, I benefited from this strategy to help me with a discussion essay to improve my researching skills, also, I borrowed a book from Barr Smith Library called  ( HOW TO USE YOUR READING IN YOUR ESSAYS by JEANNE GODFREY ) It is good for note taking, summary and an essay.

In my writing problem, I started to find spare time to read different subjects such as; linking  words, grammar, synonyms, vocabulary and academic structure to help me to progress in my writing. I used a good website to improve my grammar, listening, and reading, you can find it on this website (

Thank you for reading  my reflection on my progress in english during last weeks. Also, I will feel happy, if you are  a wisdom to make others problems way to find a new way to solve your problems.

The last test

Last a test was terrible, because I found many weakness points in my studying, especially in note taking, that I was not worried about it before. In another hand, it was reflecting with the original problem in writing.

However, after the exam, I felt a shock in this result and I wanted to do something to feel better. Because, the test was not just answered the questions in the answer sheet, but also, was reassessment to all what I finished recently in PEP course. So I went to the Bar Smith Library to fix a new problem that was adding to other problems before for improving in English. I have a good feature in my character, which was reading about any problem I have from other people or reading any books could help me to pass this crisis. With the first problem that making my skill in note taking to improve was easy because, I read newspaper every day, so I am starting to prepare for enhancing this skill by using a small topic to take notes on it every day, when I get an interesting issue. Secondly, I found a treasure at the library not just about improving writing, but also about all the skills in the University. I am gioing started to read many books about writing, like “Keys for improving in Academic writing” and other books about an assay.

To sum up, I found my way to improve my skills. Although, I get time to read every part of skills increasingly. I will keep on finding the result in future.

My challenges

Hi my classmate,

I have new news about week four in PEP course.   

    This week is the most difficult time for me in PEP course, but how much I learn in this week . Also how much I added in my knowledge to improve my skills in studying. that is very importent to me . I discovered many things maybe it is good experiences and it could help when I go to the University. I gained  two benefits this week.

 Firstly, I leaned a new way to make my  research productively, moreover, I will be faster next time, because I know who you can make your research successfully. I am happy not just I finished my assignment or the poster but I am proud, because, I did it every thing, moreover, I feel progressed and every day is new challenge.

   Secondly, I learned what the team work means, because I spend all last week to explain this meaning to my partner. Also working as a team it is good way to be more actively. At the end of this week, I hope I explained to him what the cooperation means, until if I was illustrated to him at least  1 %, it is goode the first step. I have experience to work as a group but this is the first time, I worked with people from different country. I hope to succeed next time.

to sum up, I learn every day new things, because, it is a new way with studying. that is needed more studying and work too hard to pass this period .

I am going to tell you how you can make your research effectively.
1. You must understand your topic.
2. Start to put some equations relative with your topic.
3. Use the correct way to find your answers , like (using scholar in Google    search or using the library of Adelaide website)
4. Use the highlight pen to focus about your key words or topic sentences.
5. Start to transfer your note taking as phrasal words.
6. After when you understand all the information you can start with your assays.
I want to tell you about these steps, because I am already did it. As we said last week about the wisdom and the intelligent, I think you can try this new way and you will not lose any thing.

PEP program

Hi my classmate, 

This is the second blog, I try to write in PEP course. With every time I start to write something, I feel a scare because I ‘m new to use English. This case is normal because I came from a country that an English language is  a second language and no problem if I do not learn this language there. I will be honest with you. I never use English language before I came to Australia. I was watching English movies because I like it. I had a lot of weakness like reading, speaking and writing but I do not have a big problem with listening as I said first. 

 English language is my dream, for many reasons one of them,  it is reading in my specialist ” Agriculture ” and with special situation in my country, I cannot improve myself by reading about anything new in this part; also, I need to learn English because, It is the world’s language and I want to be aware what  happen every day in the world.  

 When I came to Australia last year, I was shocked with a new system for teaching.  Everything is new. I do not have any idea about how can arrange my time or who can be confident with a new culture or a new system.  After two months I started to ask other people for a perfect way to improve my language. In fact, I received many advices to solve these problems and I felt improving in some parts but not perfectly.

 My plan is how I can improve my language after all these problems by any way. First, I started to improve my reading by reading a newspaper every day (It is free from International Student Centre).  Second, I bought a Radio to improve my listening. Third,  my a big problem in English is writing. I bought many books about grammar and vocabulary , also I use notebook for vocabularies. I arranged my time after first lecture about Time Management last year. I felt to improve my skills.

 Now, I’m starting with PEP course, It was simple the first two weeks just difention and information with a lot of homework, but I still with old schedule. The  third week started to be difficult and  I feel exhausted. I think, I need a new schedule to arrange my time because the old one is not appropriate for PEP course. May plan is either  change my time management to make it approprite with PEP course or change my style in studying. like,   If I could make the listening, reading and speaking in one mission, I mean make all these part in one topic to improve all skills together. The second part is writing , because It is my problem and I need more time to improve this part 😦 

 At the end I hope to succeed in a new schedule or style and improve  all my skills. If anyone has an advice for me I will happy to do it. It is good to listen for other experiences for comparing with own idea.

 Thank you my classmates for everything. I am waiting to hear anything from you. 🙂